Sensory Evaluation

For this blog post I chose to evaluate tomatillos.

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After purchasing the tomatillos I began to research and I noticed that they’re mostly used in sauces and salsas in South America.

I decided to try the tomatillos two ways. First I had them in its natural state without any seasoning or herbs.



Once I peeled back the husk I noticed that it had a fruity tart odour.

With my sense of sight I can see that it looks like a tomato. After slicing into it I noticed that it was hard and filled with tiny seeds just like a tomato.

With my sense of touch I know that it won’t taste like a tomato because tt felt more firm and dense.

I tried to distinguish the flavour but I had trouble categorizing what I tasted into one of the 5 categories. It had the texture of an apple but the taste of that I can’t quite describe. Overall I thought it was quite bland.

The second way I had it was a variation of bruschetta. I added chopped red onion, garlic, parsley and a bit of salt and pepper to taste. Once I let the mixture set for a few minutes I topped it on a piece of toasted baguette. I actually preferred the tomatillos the second way because I noticed that the natural flavour came out with a bit of seasoning. It tasted like a savoury green apple salsa.

20141003_183325 20141003_183558


Since I enjoyed the tomatillos the second way I would definitely purchase them again because I like the tart flavour the seasonings brought out. I also think it would go well with meats.  I came across a grilled steak recipe with tomatillo that caught my interest.

Overall the sensory evaluation made me more aware of the senses of my palate. Most of the time I see and smell food without thinking about my other senses which influence the overall taste. I enjoyed this assignment because it urged me to try something new and it’s something that I would do again. As a culinary student I should be trying new foods in order to develop my palate and creative side.


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