I’ve Got Mixed Feelings

Innovations are ideas, methods, or products that change the way people do things or approach a particular thought. The innovation that I chose to discuss is the blender.

The blender was invented due to the popularity of malted drinks. During the early 1900’s doctors advocated malted drinks as a way to build strength.  The innovated idea was that these drinks were nutritious (which it turns out not to be true) and the blender was an innovative technology in response to that idea.

Today there are many different types that range in size, speed, and design but the main function of a blender is to turn solid ingredients into liquid ones. They can also emulsify, chop or simply puree foods into a softer state. Certain blenders can also knead dough, make flour, and nut butters.


Poplawski-blender (http://www.blenderexpert.com/food-blender-history/)

Stephen Poplawski ,the owner of an electrical company is credited as inventing the blender in 1922. He was hired by Arnold Electric Company to design a mixer for malted and fountain drinks. He was the first to add electric blades to the base of a container to create what we know as the “blender“.


Fred Osius, an engineer with the funding of Fred Waring improved the earlier version and created a model under the Hamilton Beach Company. This was named the “Miracle Mixer”.

There were issues with the blade from the earlier model so Fred Waring redesigned and released his own blender (under Waring Corporation), which became popular for smoothies in the 1940’s.



He changed the “e”  to “o” in blender in order to distinguish his product.


William Barnard, the founder of Vitamix created a similar product that was designed with a stainless steel jar rather than the pyrex glass used by Fred Waring.


(This was also the first infomercial)


John Oster designed his own blender which he trademarked Osterizer.



The blender is one of the most used kitchen appliances today. It’s safe to say that most kitchens (both commercial and personal) are equipped with a blender which makes it an important tool.

It’s important to note that blenders have function beyond the kitchen which is another reason why it’s an important innovation. For commercial use, manufacturing companies use blenders to blend various dry materials or liquids. They are also used in the medical field  to extract bacteria from samples.


The reason I decided to write this assignment on the “blender” is because I notice that I’m using it more frequently both at home and in my culinary labs. At school I realize that we’re making various types of puree mixes that I wouldn’t have thought about (i.e celeriac & fennel puree). Although “puree” isn’t an ideal term to have on a menu I realized that they are popular in the culinary world because they can add colour and texture to a dish. As an aspiring chef this is important for me to learn.

During my dietary restriction week I used the blender to create shakes and smoothies in order to add fruits and vegetables to my diet. It’s hard for me eat when I have to be up early so having a smoothie (instead of coffee) is a healthier alternative.

One of my favourite things to make in the blender are dips. Hummus being my favourite.

Golden Beet & Lima Bean Hummus

Golden Beet & Lima Bean Hummus

JerkChicken2(I decided to have some hummus with my Easter dinner)











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