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I’m Not Cold. I’m Just A Little Chilli

Garde Manger (gard mawn zhay) is the culinary station responsible for cold foods. Classical garde manger focuses on the preparation of specialty foods, which are sometimes presented on a platter. As simple as this sound this job is quite complex because food is cooked and served cold. Cooks need to be aware of proper sanitation […]

I’ve Got Mixed Feelings

Innovations are ideas, methods, or products that change the way people do things or approach a particular thought. The innovation that I chose to discuss is the blender. The blender was invented due to the popularity of malted drinks. During the early 1900’s doctors advocated malted drinks as a way to build strength.  The innovated […]

No Good Seed Goes Unpunished

For this blog assignment I decided to visit the St. Lawrence Farmers Market North side. For months my friends and I have tried planning a visit to a farmers market but it never works out, mainly because everyone would rather sleep in. But alas I made it and couldn’t have been happier about the experience. […]

Faux-so Buco

For this blog post I had to visit a butcher shop and find a cut of meat I’m not familiar with. I decided to visit Sanagan’s Meat Locker at 176 Baldwin St. in the Kensington area. Upon arrival my eyes immediately went to beef shanks. The shank of an animal is the area just below […]

Weekend Cooking

Chicken stock.  _  Teriyaki glazed chicken wings with grilled vegetables. I’ve never been a fan of teriyaki because of how sweet it usually is. To balance out the sweetness I chopped a few chilli peppers into the basting mixture. _ Sushi rolls with pickled ginger. I ran out of white vinegar so my alternative was to use […]

Butternut Squash Me

  When I read this assignment I was excited because I love soups. They are my comfort food especially now that it’s getting cold. I first made butternut squash soup about 3 years ago after watching an episode of Jamie Oliver. Over the years I’ve stayed true to the recipe with the exception of a […]

Creamy Polenta with Chorizo & Mushroom

Serving 4 Mushroom-Chorizo  1 cup sliced mushrooms 1 onion 1 chorizo, thinly sliced 1-cup pasta sauce (I used homemade) 1/3-cup water 1 tsp. vegetable oil   Add 1 tsp. oil to skillet over medium-high heat. Add chorizo and cook for 5 minutes or until starts to brown.   Reduce heat to medium-low and add onions. […]